Xcel is an alternative competitive program offering the gymnasts individual flexibility that might give them the opportunity to also pursue interests in other sports or extracurricular activities. JPAC offers several training options throughout the week depending on the level of the gymnast.


Xcel Head Coach: Michele has been involved in gymnastics since she was four years old. She competed up to Level 9 and was also a Valparaiso High School gymnast. She started teaching gymnastics classes when she was in high school. She went onto college and received her BS in veterinary technology and later switched to nursing. She has coached gymnastics around the Indianapolis area over the past 15 years and has now been at JPAC for two years. Michele enjoys being able to bring the fun of the sport of gymnastics into many girl’s lives. She loves seeing the girls achieve their goals, becoming lifelong friends with their teammates and learning life lessons through gymnastics. 

Michelle's free time is spent being a mom to four active kids and reading a good book. 


Everyone in Bryanna's household was a former gymnast, so gymnastics has always been in the family. She first began gymnastics at five, and started competing when she was seven years old. She continued her gymnastics journey through Level 9. Shortly after ending her season, she received an opportunity to start coaching at her gymnastics facility. She has been coaching for 12 years and couldn’t imagine her life without gymnastics. She loves working with children and being there to see the light shine in their eyes when they have accomplished a new goal.

Bryanna loves to go shopping. In fact, she has approximately 90 pairs of shoes! She also enjoys anything outgoing and spending time with my family and friends.