Preschool Gymnastics

Toddler Time - This is a 45 minute fun filled co-ed class for children walking to 3 years old.  A parent or caregiver participates with the student.  You will explore the equipment, gain strength and confidence in physical actlivity and have lots of fun!


Mini Gym 1 - This is a 45 minute co-ed class for 3 year olds without parent participation.  The child will learn to follow directions, take turns, and share with other children, while learning basic gymnastics skills.  Most of all they will learn that exercise is FUN!


Mini Gym 2 - This is a 1 hour class for all beginner and intermediate 4 and 5 year old students.  We will continue to explore the equipment, learning new skills, gaining strength, flexibility and coordination.


Mini Gym 3 - This is a 1 hour class for all advanced  4 and 5 year olds who have displayed strength, confidence and coordination. Gymnasts who excel in this group will have the option of 2 classes per week and then move into the pre team levels which will prepare them for competition.


Mini Tumble - This class is for students ages 4 and 5 who are interested only is learning tumbling skills. Will teach towards cheer, dance and martial arts.

Class Prices

45 Minute Class -  $65 per month

1 Hour Class - $69 per month

$10 off additional class - $59

$10 off siblings - $59

Annual Registration Fee - $30 for all