Tumbling classes are available for all levels of athletes ages 6+. These classes are one hour in length and focus on specific skills to prepare athletes for both all star and school cheerleading. Athletes will be placed in class through mastery of each level.

Intro to Tumbling: Forward rolls through cartwheels.

Tumbling 1: Round Offs, Back Walkovers, Front Walkovers

Tumbling 2: Back Handsprings, Round Off Back Handsprings, Bounders, Round Off Series

Tumbling 3: Introduction to Tucks, Round Off Back Handspring Tucks, Standing Tucks

Tumbling 4-6: Layouts and Fulls

Cheer: Focuses on motions technique, jumps, and basic stunts.

We also offer full team tumbling classes and routine clean up sessions with our experienced coaches! Our coaches have coached both all star and school and are prepared to have your routine in top shape for competition.


1 Hour Class - $85 per month


$10 off for each additional class or if siblings are enrolled in other classes.


Annual Registration Fee - $30


Back Handspring + Jumps Clinics with Coach Alex:

Beginner Clinic - TBD

  • Clinic Focus: Back Handspring and Roundoff Back Handspring, Cheer Jumps.
  • Must have handstand, cartwheel and self held bridge.

Advanced Clinic - TBD

  • Clinic Focus: Roundoff Multiple Back Handsprings + Standing Back Tuck + Cheer Jumps
  • Must have Standing back handspring on floor unspotted and roundoff back handspring spotted.

NOTE: Limited spots available and all athletes must pre-register prior to clinic.