These classes are for those that like gymnastics but prefer to focus on tumbling. Most go on to tryout for a cheer program in their schools. All classes are for children 6 years and up. All classes are 1 hour in length. Classes are also available for entire middle school or high school squads to come together. These will be by reservations.

Tumble 1 - Beginners | Your child will be learning the round-off, back handspring and beginning back flip. No prior requirements.

Tumble 2 - Intermediate | Your child will be learning a tumbling series. Building towards the round-off with multiple back handsprings and/or a round-off, back handspring with a back tuck. Requirements: Round-off and Back Handspring (no spot).

Tumble 3 - Advanced | Your child will be learning advanced flipping and series work. Round-off back handspring layout, half and full. Requirements: Round off back handspring back tuck WITHOUT a spot.


1 Hour Class - $69 per month


$10 off for:

Each additional class - $59

If siblings are enrolled in other classes - $59


Annual Registration Fee - $30



Back Handspring + Jumps Clinics with Coach Alex:

Beginner Clinic - April 10th 10am-12pm

  • Clinic Focus: Back Handspring and Roundoff Back Handspring, Cheer Jumps.
  • Must have handstand, cartwheel and self held bridge.

Advanced Clinic - April 24th 10am-12pm

  • Clinic Focus: Roundoff Multiple Back Handsprings + Standing Back Tuck + Cheer Jumps
  • Must have Standing back handspring on floor unspotted and roundoff back handspring spotted.

NOTE: Limited spots available and all athletes must pre-register prior to clinic.

A great opportunity to work back handsprings and back tucks.