All classes are 6 yrs and up.

All classes are 1 hour long


Tumble 1 - Beginners - will be learning the round off, back handspring and beginning back flip. No prior requirements


Tumble 2 - Intermediate - will be learning series tumbling. Building towards the round off multiple backhandsprings and round off back handspring back tuck.

Requirements: Round off and Back Handspring (no spot)

Tumble 3 - Advanced - will be learning advanced flipping and series work. Round off back handspring layout, half and full.

Requirements: Round off back handspring back tuck (no spot)


Classes are also available for entire squads to come together.  These will be by reservations


Class Prices

1 Hour Class - $69 per month

$10 off additional class - $59

$10 off sibling - $59

Annual Registration Fee - $30