The Jaycie Phelps Athletic Center (JPAC) is a 25,000 square foot athletic training center featuring recreational and competitive gymnastics, All Star cheer, tumbling, and special events in Greenfield, Indiana. JPAC was founded in 2010 by 1996 Olympic Champion Jaycie Phelps, along with co-founders Jack Phelps and Dave Marus, in order to provide the Indianapolis area with the highest level of training.

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Jaycie Phelps | 1996 OLYMPIC GOLD CHAMPION

Jaycie was a member of the 1996 Olympic gold medal U.S. women's gymnastics team known as the Magnificent Seven. As she said in an interview, "Being able to represent the United States on a team that was the first gold medal team was an honor to be a part of!"

She began gymnastics at the age of four just like many little gymnasts at JPAC. She had big dreams, worked hard, and with the support of her family and coaches was able to see those dreams become a reality. Jaycie wanted to open JPAC to give kids in her hometown the chance to achieve their dreams the way she was able to. She also wants to give back to a sport that has given so much to her.

Jaycie is now the loving mother of two daughters, and coaches alongside her husband, Dave. They are nothing short of busy!


Region 5 Insider featured Jaycie as she coaches her Level 10 Hadyn Crossen during floor warm-ups of the 2016 JO Nationals. Jaycie gave corrections on every take off and landing and even got a blast from the Olympics....check it out!



“The level of coaching that my daughter has received since 2011 is priceless! Her coaches are amazing, professional and work endlessly to help her and her teammates. So thankful for this gymnastics family!”

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The U.S. Center for SafeSport was created by the United States Olympic Committee as a wholly independent body to investigate allegations of sexual misconduct in Olympic National Governing Bodies. The U.S. Center for SafeSport has exclusive jurisdiction over sexual misconduct allegations, which means USA Gymnastics and its members report any allegations of sexual misconduct they become aware of to the Center for investigation and resolution.


Gymnastics is a great way for children to stay healthy and can help them do well in school. Concussions affect each child and teen differentlyWhile most children and teens with a concussion feel better within a couple of weeks, some will have symptoms for months or longer. To help lower your children’s or teens’ chances of getting a concussion or other serious brain injury, please follow this link to learn more from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.